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Creating A Learning Experience

 Believing some study programs, it would almost seem as if the ancient scholars must have been fools.

It’s not "anyone’s guess" or "anything goes" in Oriental metaphysics, as I like to think:

“If it’s not probable in physics,
it’s not feasible in metaphysics.
If it’s possible in metaphysics,
it’s only physics”.

We hope we have succeeded in our wish to build an appealing website for free learning and Qi exploration, so whether you are just getting started with Feng Shui or Chinese astrology, or you have been an advanced practitioner, a practicing consultant or teacher, here you will find rather extensive articles on various subjects in the field of metaphysics which you may regard as your free lessons and your peek into unabridged chapters from out of our workbooks, usually only accessible through live classes or our distance learning training.We have been publishing free articles on www since 1999. 

Your first steps 

Outside the 4 topics of study that we teach in our study program Professional Destiny Consultant (since 1997),there is a lot more to study if you are interested in Oriental metaphysics. We will give you a brief introduction as you read on.
Here, first, are the 4 topics of study that we teach through 4-day master classes and distance learning.
 9 Star Ki Divination - 九宮占卜Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi - 子平八字算命Flying Star Feng Shui - 玄空風水飛星派Nine Star Ki Astrology - 九星命理

For this section we don’t worry too much about advanced practitioners, who will have found their way. But supposing you are a true beginner and just a private person at this point interested primarily in improving your own life and that of your loved ones. Then, how to go about things as at this stage likely even terms such as Yin and Yang, five elements (Wu Xing), Dao, Qi, Luoshu or Luopan may in general not ring much of a bell yet. Well, you may be confused by the vast availability of systems and sources for learning. Our articles may include sufficient directions for you to learn about these single terms, so here we will attempt to give you overview and more details into the various systems themselves. What actually is metaphysics, what will systems such as Feng Shui [風水], Four Pillars of Destiny [Ba Zi - 八字] or 9 Star Ki [Jiu Xing Ming Li - 九星命理] actually do for me on account of self-improvement and my family life, which (order of) study to choose, will I be stumbling into studies that my brain can’t handle, why should I at all bother? 

Chinese Feng Shui

Offers a good-as-any basis and pleasant pastime if you are at the start of your involvement in general Chinese cosmology, with most branches of Feng Shui easy enough to start practically applying in daily life as it gives insight into what your immediate environment stores on account of Heaven and Earth Qi, Yin and Yang, Wuxing 5 Elements concerning shape and color. Without altogether having to wait until you are an advanced level student, most Feng Shui branches are user-friendly enough to already within a comfortable period of time give you enough insight and confidence to start arranging your house according to their principles. Many people benefit from Feng Shui concerning their relationship, health and career. 

Schools of Feng Shui

In case you lean towards more traditional or academic styles of Chinese Feng Shui, you'll have many branches to pick from, but your best entrance would be the Flying Star Feng Shui school, or Xuan Kong Fei Xing [玄空飛星派], which is technically profound, yet easy enough to learn and you won't be needing a Chinese compass - just your western compass will do - until you get far into its advanced stages. But how to recognize traditional Feng Shui schools? You may take as a rule of thumb, that you safely stumbled into traditional style Chinese Feng Shui if the system requires the use of a compass, if it employs magnetic directions, if it incorporates the factor of time - both as projected at the phase of assessment as for (duration of) adjustments - and if it emphasizes on exterior environment a little more than just it would have you focus on interior design or the use of physical objects and gadgets. Once you know how to build your Flying Star chart, you will soon learn what you need to know about bed and desk placement, furniture arrangement and placement of stove, avoid sleeping or working in inauspicious areas, learn which doors and windows to close or actually leave open in order to invite beneficial energy [Sheng Qi - 生氣] and keep malign influences [Sha Qi - 殺氣] out. Flying Star Feng Shui gives a solid basis and it provides later access into more advanced schools such as Xuan Kong Da Gua [玄空大卦], by which time, yes, you could do with a Chinese compass, or Luo Pan [羅盤]. Chinese Feng Shui works with magnetic directions, having derived its most fundamental theories from astronomical observations to account for the earth orbit around the sun, 24 Solar Terms, 12 Primary Hexagrams (Bi Gua) which will give you an idea if calculations should be done differently for the Southern Hemisphere. Our training on the subject of Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere calculations has had a profound and lasting impact on practitioners in Australia and South America. 

Here is example of a Flying Star chart for a house facing North, constructed in Period 8 (2004-2024). North is shown at the bottom (with 7-4-9):


Western school of Feng Shui

Then, besides traditional systems like Flying Star Feng Shui, Ba Zhai [八宅] or Eight Mansions school (explained further down), and advanced Water Dragon methods [Shui Long Fa - 水龍法], you may have come across so-called Western Feng Shui - its most known proponent being the Black Hat Tantric Buddhist Sect (BTB), sometimes called Life Aspirations school. It was invented by professor Thomas Lin Yun around 1986. Although our articles and our practitioner program depart from traditional Chinese Feng Shui, it may be good to acquaint yourself with what Black Hat has to offer. Even though not using a compass and disregarding magnetic directions, generally not concerned also with factors of timeliness and likely to proclaim all floor plans to host the same 8 life stations as so referred to by the entrance to a house or an individual room, you can learn substantially from this friendly system about interior design, gathering useful Feng Shui tips and remedies and learn techniques of affirmation, visualization and how to incorporate Feng Shui in your daily life. However friendly, we may still advise against certain Black Hat Feng Shui remedies - especially crystals, the use of red colors, water placements, use of aquarium or fountain - if it means they otherwise compromise the Flying Star chart, which may soon be the case if placements are done on Star 2 or Star 5 (refer to above Flying Star chart). Having said that, each Feng Shui system is there for its own merit and Black Hat is a genuine in itself closed system that you can stay with and become a consultant or teacher. If you choose Feng Shui as your first step into Oriental metaphysics, you will soon find how nothing is Western or Oriental, as Feng Shui just helps to make common-sense decisions for your living environment and helps make your life run more smoothly. Here is how Black Hat would typically propose lay-out of a floor plan, referred to the entrance of a house or any individual room.


9 Star Ki

Or, as a true beginner, you can just as well altogether skip Chinese Feng Shui for the time being and start off your journey with what must perhaps be the most friendly - highly accurate also - system of astrology and divination, Nine Star Ki, also called Kyu Sei Ki Gaku. Better still, it would be the more splendid and give you much more instant and practical effect on your private life, if you had the opportunity to immediately combine your studies into Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki, simply because both systems profoundly rely on the 9 Stars and both systems project their applications on the Luoshu [洛書] diagram (called Magic Square by some). Both Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki derive much of their basic theories from the Yi Jing [易經], or Book of Changes - also known as I Ching. Each Star, except 5 Yellow, links to one of the Eight Trigrams [Ba Gua or Pa Kua - 八卦], so you will be learning many attributes to each Star and be surprised how 9 Stars actually affect your physiological, psychological and spiritual life, how your special talents neatly arrange around your personal Stars and how incoming Stars for year, month and day ceaselessly affect your decisions. Given the vast and significant influence that the 9 Stars will have on all facets of your life, you might just as well start picking up on studying their dynamics. Nine Star Ki covers many walks of life.

Your 9 Ki personality

The first thing we feel strong stating here is that Nine Star Ki is by far not astrology in the commonly accepted or conventional sense. It may well be first presented as astrology - and even smooth names as Feng Shui astrology have been in use - but you will be the more thrilled that your birth chart lays bare such intimate information as your organ and meridian Qi - as imprinted at first breath. The same is true for Four Pillars of Destiny which is also an internal system, rather than telling you of external influences that would then be influencing your fate. So, call it astro-physiology. Practically, Nine Star Ki takes your time of birth and gives you 3 personal Stars, e.g. 9.4.1, from which you can then not just read astrological character, temperament and behavior, but which will greatly help in choosing your partner, understand marriage compatibility [合婚], getting over quarrels (if comes out it was too late to separate :o), career and professional life. So many people today may deep down feel they are on the wrong track, not knowing why or how to change it. Nine Star Ki will tell you if you should be employed, if you should better start your own business, become a leader or an artist, just as it will give you arguments not to treat your children all the same way, but understand and bring out their true astro-physiological potential, each one of them autonomous and successful in what they are and what they pursue. If Nine Star Ki tells you that you are a 9 Fire or a 6 Metal, we would not like to see you limit yourself and start acting like one. Rather, "Organs produce emotions" just merely tells you that your 9 Fire energy will be governed by the Heart, you are a Heart driven person, your 6 Metal energy will be governed by the Lung, you are Lung motivated person. However, regardless you're being a 9 Fire person, you still have Kidneys (1 Water), Spleen (8 Earth), and Liver (3 Wood) and these also will be producing plus and minus emotions - pages 23-27 of their own, so in our school we teach that you can tap into any Star - any organ or meridian - free at will. Therefore, whatever you decide, do effort not to skip Nine Star Ki. Stars, organs, meridians denote well defined archetypes (Shen - 神), so we like to think of systems such as 9 Star Qi and Four Pillars of Destiny as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by which you may commit 'acupuncture without needles' and may regain your True Shen. Many established acupuncturists, energy workers, therapists and other professions involved in improving health and fate in their clients train with us for a reason. 

Here first is the basic Luoshu of 5 Earth - defining names, functions and directions of the Nine Palaces as well as hosting all 9 Stars in their basic Houses - and the annual Luoshu for the year 2008 where you can see how all Stars have moved to different Palaces and will now mingle their properties with the portents of the Palaces for a whole year. Each of the 9 Stars may of course reside in the center of the Luoshu and arrange Stars accordingly. 


Life progression and health

As said, the system is closely linked to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Besides "organs produce emotions" we also say "whatever lies inside, must externalize". Without at all having to study acupuncture, Nine Star Ki leisurely associates the 9 Stars to organs and meridians, so you may make sense of your health prospects and study the emotions produced by the organs associated with your personal Stars and correct accordingly when necessitated. Now, you won't be 'accepting' your negative temperament or personality traits just like that, as you now know how they're far from psychological. Rather, if you suffer from irritation, you can pinpoint right to the belonging organ (2 Earth, Stomach), if you have to endure any type of fear, you may trace back to the Kidney (1 Water). The great thing about Nine Star Ki and Four Pillars of Destiny is that these give great tools, not just to understand your character, temperament and behavior, but change it free at will because you know how to link what element to which organ, it is that simple. The impact of your studies into 9 Stars will therefore be not just far reaching but immediate, both in your private life - and in relation to your loved ones - as in your professional life if you are dealing with clients in need of change.

Besides, you will be able to carefully monitor your life progression as your Stars move through the Luoshu on the basis of a recurring cycle of 9 years, months and days. How to practically apply this? Well, suppose you had a bad hair day yesterday due to your Star residing in a certain Luoshu Palace, and if you then learn Nine Star Ki tomorrow, then by the time yesterday's Star repeats in 9 days, you'll know what you have coming and take appropriate action, it is that simple. If you then want to know what 2008 or 2009 may bring you on account of 9 Star Ki prospects, just look back at 9 or 18 years before that to make first assessment of what to perhaps anticipate on. In other words, you don't ever have to run after the facts anymore if you don't want to, as you can now strategically plan your advancements and when to retreat in any walks of life and the great thing about it is that anyone can learn it very easily and in no-time.

Predicting the news

Surely, one of the greatest aspects this art has to offer must be what Nine Star Ki - and you will be flabbergasted - will have you do on account of predicting personal events and global news events, either past, present or future. You may go to your television or news paper and look at any news event, pull its belonging annual-, monthly- and daily Luoshu (which you will be drawing on a piece of paper in a matter of seconds - and make sense of what happened.


Now with all you know about 9 Star attributes, you will be simply translating Star 3 into electrically powered vehicles or trees, you will be looking at cars for 6 Metal, to you Star 8 is a built structure and Star 2 is any homogeneous community with a central kitchen, such as hospital, jail, hotel as well as Star 2 is labor mines and mud slides. Anyway, with all the properties of Stars and Palaces and then also the directionology involved, tells you, you may be soon also looking to trace back missing persons, you may single out the next president well ahead of elections, you may be told by the evening news that a coal mine blast was caused by electric failure while your Luoshu tells you this is a lie and instead we were dealing with an armed attack, which will then only be confirmed by the same news channel a little later on in the week and simply by translating Stars into events and events into Stars you'll be furthermore able to make sense of why the child drowned under those particular circumstances. It is just all a matter of knowing the attributes of each Star, the Luoshu Palaces, how they mingle and how combinations of Stars affect each other. Also, you may find in the news that a man fell off some height and if you look up the day Ki Star, you will give the birth Star of the man involved. You will be able to tell on what days cars typically collide into trees and other days trees typically fall onto cars or what other days cars fall into a depth, for example off a bridge or into a ditch. We are not just saying this, it has been one of our first goals of teaching to have everyone in front of the television news with a Luoshu on their lap, so to put our money where our mouth is, we offer you "9 Star Ki Prediction - personal and global events", which by itself will take you from scratch into the world of 9 Star Ki forecasting and enable you to perform on your own without outside help if you don't want or cannot reach formal teaching. To help you on your way, we have devised a book list with what we think are reliable publications on account of 9 Star Ki, Feng Shui and Ba Zi. 

How accurate is Nine Star Ki

You may have heard some maintain that Nine Star Ki may be simplistic and it can only work up to a certain degree of precision. Well, it is absolutely critical to understand that this claim does not so much as apply to the Nine Star Ki system as such - which is indeed stunningly accurate and eternal in its applications - but apparently true only for as long as you keep to the practice of projecting only 9 Stars just only over the basic Luoshu of 5 Earth, because this basic magic square will only cover eight Palaces of 45 degrees each. Using 9 Stars and eight 45 degrees Luoshu Palaces only, suggests that your predictions can only be correct to forecasting years (not months and days) and up to a 45 degrees accuracy only. Now, it seems quite understandable how this beautiful misunderstanding came about but truth is, by itself Luoshu was just merely a subtract from what must be the world's oldest Chinese calendar, the Kanagi Guruma (as referred to in Japanese and claimed by some to be 12.000 years old). 

Most practitioners to date still have not been aware how Luoshu is a subset - a double or a decoy if you will - of the 81 units Kanagi Guruma [神名木車], in other words, we now work with 9 x 9 Luoshu = 81 Stars and as you can only imagine we will have here narrowed down to 4.5 degrees of accuracy, such that we can now predict to the month. Getting into even more detail will render 9 x 9 diagrams of Kanagi Guruma, enabling us to factor in day forecasting. We know a square depiction of Kanagi Guruma (renamed in Chinese by Heluo: Shenming Shu - 神名書) and a circular depiction (renamed Shenming Pan - 神名盤). From the square depiction shown further down, you will note how the basic 4 Wood Luoshu Palace that you may have been using so far is just a generalization of the Kanagi Guruma 4 Wood domain, as any of the 9 numbers in the Kanagi Guruma 4 Wood domain will just reduce back to the number 4, which you will then find transferred to the Luoshu of 5 Earth, that's all. In other words, if you locate Star 4 Wood in the basic Luoshu of 5 Earth, this single Star 4 on its own is to just represent the 9 numbers in the 4 Wood domain of the basic Kanagi Guruma (following usual Luoshu flying pattern 40, 49, 58, 67, 76, 04, 13, 22 and 31), where you read 40 as pure Wood, 49 as Wood and Fire, 13 as Water and Wood. Note how no number can exceed 81 and how the magic number is 369, whether added horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Note also the odd-even sequence in the entire diagram. 

I hope further reflections on Luoshu versus Kanagi Guruma may have you concur that claiming that Nine Star Ki is simplistic would be like only reading the year animal zodiac sign in a Four Pillars of Destiny birth chart and due to this proclaim the entire Chinese astrology system of Ba Zi simplistic, or - on the same token - just only reading the 45 degrees Palaces of a floor plan in your Feng Shui assessments while not incorporating the 24 Mountain Ring of the Chinese compass. It is the same difference when using just only the basic Luoshu 45 degrees Palaces or relying on Kanagi Guruma, which will open venues in 9 Stars and Luoshu technique that you didn't know where there. 


Eight Houses school or Ba Zhai

Another Feng Shui application - quite popular - and just as in 9 Star Ki, the Ba Zhai Feng Shui school uses your year of birth to assign a personal Star, only this time the Star is called your Ming Gua [命卦]. Ming Gua may be translated as Life or Destiny Trigram. Concerning its basics, it may be one of the more easy to learn schools of Feng Shui, certainly one of the most popular, but one thing you need understand is that it distinguishes between Ming Gua for men and women. It means that by calculation, a year may be 9 Fire, but a woman born in that year may adopt Ming Gua 6. Her male twin brother born the same day may still be regarded 9 Fire, both in Nine Star Ki and Ba Zhai. This is not the place to get into detail on this, but it is just one of the first things you must note. 

Then, once you know your Ming Gua, the next step is to work from your floor plan and establish the so-called House Gua - or house Trigram [宅卦], which will be decided by the direction of the Sitting Palace - or the Facing Palace even for other styles of Ba Zhai, but outside the scope of this here description. 

Ba Zhai settles energetic compatibility

What Ba Zhai does for you is twofold, it can take your personal Life Gua and determine your four most auspicious and four most inauspicious directions to travel into, sit in, set your bed or stove in, employ activities. It does so by simply comparing Trigram lines of your personal Ming Gua with the Trigram associated for a certain direction, e.g. North, South and so on. Ba Zhai will give you (in)compatibility with your house and spouse, a door, a stove, your bed position. The other thing that Ba Zhai does is unlock the four favorable and four unfavorable locations in your house. If you remember your personal Ming Gua and you know the belonging Trigram, it is just a matter of identifying good personal directions and house locations by running through a simple process of changing lines [Yi Gua - 易卦]. 

Practical example of personal and house portents

Let's see if we can take your personal Ming Gua and locate the favorable Ba Zhai portent of Lengthened years [延年]. We are supposing your Ming Gua is 9 Fire, so we will be working from the Fire Trigram. If you just remember that the bottom line [Yao - 爻] of a Trigram is the oldest line, the top line the youngest line, you can then imagine how any line change takes time. If then you are around long enough to observe a full Trigram change of three lines, then the Ba Zhai portent is Lengthened Years, and Ba Zhai says it becomes beneficial to marry a spouse with a Ming Gua that relates to your own Ming Gua as from the Lengthened Years aspect, or you may travel into a direction associated with such beneficial Gua or stay in that location in your house. 

If again we suppose your personal Ming Gua is the Fire Trigram, then this is the image and it relates to South direction. If we change all of its lines from Yin to Yang and vice versa, we obtain the Water Trigram which then suggests that the North direction as compared to your Ming Gua functions as Lengthened Years. As a side note, you will have noticed here that Water and Fire in this sense will be here regarded mutually auspicious, whereas you may have so far understood that Water controls Fire as seen from 5 element theory, but here we have good opportunity to show you that such connotation may be surpassed by better, more advanced, insights. Where Fire controls Metal, we must for once lose the connotation that this is altogether bad. If all is in proportion, Fire may bring out the best in Metal. Anyway, the Lengthened years portent then becomes a player if we were around long enough to witness the change. The image of Lengthened Years therefore becomes an old married couple. So, besides this, you will know if your spouse, door, directions, initiatives, money prospects fall into the remaining auspicious portents of Generated Breath [生氣], Celestial Doctor [天醫] or Fu Wei [伏位] which is just identical to your personal Ming Gua or the house Trigram. Or you may find that the house locations render your bed or door in one of your four unfavorable directions of Five Ghosts [五鬼], Accident & Mishap [禍害], Six Curses [六剎] or Severed Fate [絕命]. 


All in all easy to learn and apply, for as long as you don’t worry over the said favorable and unfavorable portents [吉凶], or you may be understanding and applying Feng Shui wrong. Feng Shui is intelligible enough to give you the remedy. Each of the four favorable and unfavorable portents can be brought under one of Five Transformations [Wu Xing - 五行] so we can learn to change around initial unbeneficial Qi to start working for us in a more advantageous way. Of course the whole idea of Feng Shui is to decide and change the fate of the house [宅命]. If you wish to learn Ba Zhai, most schools in Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui consider it just part of the curriculum. We don’t recommend you apply Ba Zhai just on its own without incorporating it in your Flying Star studies, as the system may soon go against Yi Jing Hexagram 37 and disintegrate family life before you know what struck you. 

Magnificent Four Pillars of Destiny astrology

Here we may become just a little more longish or technical, but that is only because this system of Chinese astrology and fate reading is so magnificent and because we feel that each one of us should have been acquainted with his horoscope and what it pertains to from early childhood onward. You can start your adventure into metaphysics with Ba Zi [八字] without first having studied either Feng Shui or Nine Star Ki. You'll have great insights into yourself and your loved ones, both in personality, health, talents such as planning your do's and don'ts and you'll employ date selection that is pretty straightforward and easy to apply.

Concerning your Chinese horoscope you may here start by first forgetting that you were born in the year of the Dragon [龍], the year of the Rat [鼠] or Ox [牛] or even any other Chinese zodiac sign as all of this has been long surpassed by the traditional Chinese astrology of Four Pillars of Destiny. This superb system for fate calculation not only renders your Chinese horoscope finally complete, it transfers your birth data into year, month, day and hour elements, but rather than looking at your annual zodiac sign, it now proclaims the Ruler of the Day, or Daymaster [日元] to represent the person. This means, your Daymaster becomes the pivotal point in your birth chart and your Daymaster may then come out to be either a Yin or Yang Wood [甲乙木], Fire [丙乙火], Earth [戊己土], Metal [庚辛金] or Water [壬癸水]. If you haven’t seen one, here is the Four Pillars birth chart of a male Yang Metal Daymaster (bold), along then also with the belonging Eight Pillars of Luck. Read Pillars from right to left. The Pillars contain Heavenly Stems [Tiān Gān - 天干] in their upper segment, Earthly Branches [Dì Zhī - 地支] in their lower segment. The Four Pillars of Destiny then denote a person’s static birth chart, consisting of a Year Pillar [Nian zhù - 年柱], Month Pillar [Yuè zhù - 月柱], Day Pillar [Rì zhù - 日柱] and Hour Pillar [Shí zhù - 时柱]. The then shown Eight Pillars of Luck suggest the person’s most probable life progression in ten year periods, here starting age 9. 


Male born 9 September 2002 at 08:36 DST


We may still use the Chinese animal signs (which are actually not animals, Earthly Branches rather), but for other purposes. For example, you may have Monkey [猴] in your month Pillar clashing with Tiger [虎] in your day Pillar, which may be indication for circumstances surrounding your marriage and Ba Zi may point to certain times this clash weakens or may even cause inauspicious effect. We may also refer your Daymaster to the information in the year Pillar and tell you that it is perhaps suggested that you will find spouse or career in a far away region.

Ba Zi may establish type and strength of chart mostly by establishing month of birth, for example if it is Vibrant [禄神] or Overly Vibrant [羊刃], if it is a weak or a strong chart, all of which is imperative in obtaining a dynamic and meaningful life reading. Your personal chart may or may not produce your Heavenly Noble [天乙貴人], your Peach Blossom [桃花], Post Horse [驛馬] and many more indicators that you can base decisions on. 

Concerning marriage and partner compatibility, rather important for a woman would be examining the element controlling her Daymaster, also called the Power element [正官], while important for a man is the spouse element, also telling for his Wealth prospects [正财], which does not mean that other considerations don’t matter as all elements mutually rely on one another. However, already at the beginning stages of your studies into Ba Zi and just by looking at your structure, you will see suggestions as to when conditions for marriage are most favorable, or to find a spouse in another country, or when best to take time out of your busy agenda when Ba Zi tells you that you are having your bad hair day.

One of the great things that Ba Zi can do for you, it proposes your most probable life progression in ten year periods, called Da Yun [大運]. From here of course you can trace back minor destiny – xiao yun [小運] and follow your life per year, month, day and hour. You now know if you are in a period that suggests you should better become an artist, a teacher, expect or lower your expectations for money, if you are likely to find your significant other, which helps tremendously in devoting your time to things that matter. One sure thing is that Ba Zi will save you time, energy and destiny regarding the most fundamental facets of your life. 

Even better perhaps, at the core technique at least, is that Ba Zi is able to identify your most favorable element, called Useful God – Spirit of Focus [用神], which if you well support it by bringing out its properties by understanding and following the appropriate action, will release smooth fate and destiny. It is exactly here where Ba Zi becomes indispensable, because, for example, your Useful God may suggest you best own your own business. Then, if you have been working under an employer this by itself may have added to your having felt unfulfilled and this then may inspire you to change course. Remember that Bazi (or anything or anyone for that matter) can hardly reveal something that you had already not somehow stored as your ‘gut feeling’, so it becomes just a matter of having Ba Zi tell you what you probably had already instinctively sensed, but didn’t know and now Ba Zi will give you all the details. However, most people may tend to either not choose partner, activities or career according to their Useful God element, but general inclination may be that the person is driven forward by his Annoying God [忌神], which is the element actually obstructing a life most and of course counter-productive, especially if the Annoying God element is strong and found in prominent location in your chart. Your Annoying God element should not be left unattended. It is just for all day to day practical reasons you may wish to learn exactly which hour, day, month, year or ten year period is reigned by either your favorable or unfavorable elements. 

In the same master class we firmly showed you how to construct a Four Pillars of Destiny chart using the conventional Chinese Solar calendar, you’ll be shown how to work from just handy formulae to establish the Pillars without at all carrying a calendar. Our studies proceed from Zi Ping Ba Zi [子平徐八字] as well as we teach from the highly advanced Classics of San Ming Tong Hui [子平徐八字] and Di Tian Sui [滴天髓] or Dripping Heaven’s Marrow and we may here refer you to Heluo’s own developed complementary approach in reading a Ba Zi chart “Additional charting in Four Pillars of Destiny”, by which you may find yet another appealing technique that may only add to the fun if you already know the more conventional style of reading a chart. 


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